Monday, January 4, 2010

TX County Tweets Names of Drunk Drivers Montgomery Co. to Tweet Names of DWI Offenders.

A drunk-driving arrest can costs thousands of dollars and maybe your job, but in one local county it could cost you public embarrassment, too.

The Montgomery County District Attorney has an active Twitter site, and he says he'll be "Twittering" names and arrest information of DWI suspects.

“There is definitely a deterrent effect in the potential public humiliation people may face when they get arrested for DWI," said Warren Diepraam, an assistant district attorney.

This is part of a widespread crackdown on drunk driving over the Christmas and New Year's Day holiday period. Tyler Flood is one of Houston’s top DWI defense attorneys and thinks only the names of those convicted should be posted.

“Here is another form of punishment, if you are arrested for DWI, the problem is it's a punishment. That is something that comes after a conviction, not before," said Flood.

(The only successful court argument which states have had for imposing Adam Walsh Act retroactively, is to contend that the sex offender registry is civil/remedial and not punitive. I guess this guy didn't get the memo)

“What everybody needs to understand is that when you get arrested by a police officer, that can be in the public domain for rest of life even if you're not convicted and people need to think about that before they make a poor decision," said Diepraam.

Since this report, the photos of the offenders have been removed from this Twitter site.