Tuesday, January 5, 2010

NC Man Murders Sex Offender Friend

truecrimereport.com : Chris Hartsell Charged with Murdering Sex Offender.

Chris Hartsell knew his friend Williams Ballance was a registered sex offender. In 1998, Ballance was placed on five years of probation for taking indecent liberties with a minor. Still, Hartsell was comfortable enough to move his family into Ballance's trailer home...

​Until two weeks ago, that is. That's when the sheriff's department in Cabarrus County, North Carolina received a complaint that Ballance had molested one of Hartsell's children. Neighbors say the Hartsells quickly moved out.

On New Year's eve, deputies took out a warrant for Ballance's arrest for sexual abuse. But apparently Hartsell wanted something better than their kind of justice. On New Year's day, neighbors heard three shots coming from Ballance's home. By the time police arrived, Ballance was dead. Hartsell has now been charged with murder (and should be sentenced to life in prison without possibility of release, in our opinion).

Of course there is a small population of Internet Neanderthals who will applaud this murder. But most rational Americans must see the abhorrent murders of those charged with sex offenses as an unacceptable result of our nation's sex offender laws and the societal attitudes they foster. To the Judges who rule on sex offender law cases; this are the kind of vigilante justice which will only increase as you allow these social branding and banishment laws to be instated throughout our country, and yes you will be partly responsible for the results.