Monday, January 4, 2010

Del. Lawmaker Wants New Sex Offender Laws : Delaware Lawmaker Proposes Tough New Sex Offender Laws.

Dover, Delaware - Sussex County Rep. John Atkins, D-District 41, plans to introduce several measures into the General Assembly next year aimed to protect children.

According to Atkins, one measure would require repeat high risk sex offenders to have the words "sex offender" stamped on their drivers' licenses.

Yet another plan would require sex offenders who target children younger than 12 to be chemically castrated if they are over the age of 21. Atkins said he may also introduce another piece of legislation requiring the worst sex offenders to place a special license plate on their car designating them as sex offenders.

Delaware lawmakers return to work at Legislative Hall in Dover in just over a week. And Atkins' proposals are likely to strike up fierce debate. In a written statement Thursday, Delaware ACLU Director Drewry Fennell told WBOC-TV ,"Any changes to the law must be constitutional and should carefully distinguish between dangerous offenders and those who pose little or no risk. Overly broad legislation is costly to enforce; and harsh penalties may discourage reporting of crimes, particularly when the offender is a relative or otherwise known to the victim."

Readers in Delaware should contact this idiot and the Sussex County General Assembly.