Sunday, January 10, 2010

Man Tracked and Killed Registered Sex Offender Alleged white supremacist charged with killing convicted sex offender.

Palm Springs - An alleged white supremacist has been charged with using California's Megan's Law registry to track down and kill an convicted sex offender, it was reported today.

Steven Banister, 28, had been free from prison less than one month when he killed a 75-year-old Palm Springs man in his house on Aug. 28, according to Palm Springs police quoted in the Desert Sun. The victim, Edward Keeley, had apparently been convicted in years past of an undetermined sex crime.

Keeley's address was listed as the home of a convicted sex offender on the publicly-available roll of such properties created by Megan's Law. Banister had reportedly boasted while in prison that he was planning to hurt or kill people who had sexually abused children.

More blood on the hands of the State Legislators and Judges who have allowed these draconian branding laws to take effect.