Friday, November 6, 2009

Yet Another Letter from a Reader

ConstitutionalFights received this letter from a Mother of a Registered Sex Offender in Oklahoma:

Hello. My name is Donna and I live in Oklahoma. I want you to know I appreciate your site very much and what you are doing to try and expose this injustice.

Today would be the very last day of a loved one's registration. When I realized that this morning while driving down the road, my chest dropped. My loved one had just turned 18 about a month before he was accused of something during his first night in a foster home. It has haunted him ever since. His mother was dying and he was so scared. His public defender told him he should just plead guilty and be done with it. He plead guilty, which he now knows was not at all smart. He is so frustrated that he didn't stand up and fight this.

To think that we would be finished with this on this very day is just angering. On his registration sheet, it says he is not habitual or aggravated. I just don't understand this. It would be an awesome day had this Adam Walsh Act not come into play.

I have four children and want to protect them all, but now, I hear that everywhere, 'zillions' of people are now in Tier III - so there is no way to track the dangerous, really really dangerous ones...they probably love that the lawmakers are not listening.

Sorry about that. I had to let that out a little. I have written to all my senators and reps but get no reply, except for one who to my face told me that this was a very unfair law, and then in public supports it. I guess he was trying to satiate me.

What can I, in Oklahoma do, if anything? Just keep writing? Do you know how the new president feels about this? Would writing him help? I want to donate as soon as I can too. Please, if you have any suggestions, from one to a whole list, let me know and I will do all I can. And again, should I just keep on writing my senators and reps? I thought they at least sent a form letter, but I have received nothing back at all. Hmmmm

God bless you.
-Donna, in Oklahoma.