Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ohio RSO's : A Call to Action

All Ohio Registered Sex Offenders must mail a letter to the Ohio Supreme Court this week, in response to the four cases being heard before the Court. For details about these cases see:

It is very important that we all send letters to each Justice by this weekend (Nov.8). This Court expressed concern about how these changed registration laws are affecting us. Justice Pfeifer said he wants “to know what matters in their lives” as it relates to registration requirements. They will use our letters to determine if this extended registration is legally “punishment”, or not (see our blogs for more information).

Guidelines: Follow these guidelines to be most effective.

*Be respectful and polite; address your comments to “the Court” and “Your Honor”.
*Do NOT tell your life story, or details of your case or situation. This tactic will not work. Be concise and direct. Limit your statements to the points listed below. Limit each point you make to just one sentence. Limit your letter to ONE page.

Points: Stick to your points; do not wander or ramble on about details.

*How does your extended registration affect your life? (Be concise and communicate each point in ONE sentence)

*How is your extended registration considered punishment in your life? eg. job, neighborhood, public shame, harassment, registration requirements, children, etc..(Be concise and communicate each point in ONE sentence)

If you have challenged your re-classification, mention how it is not reviewed by a Court, and if you were denied a public defender.

If you are involved with a Juvenile case, relate your letter to the Juvenile cases. (see link above)

Make 7 copies, sign each copy in pen with your address (at least; city). Mail 7 letters ($3 cost) to:

Chief Justice Thomas J. Moyer/ Justice Paul E. Pfeifer/Justice Evelyn Lundberg Stratton/ Justice Maureen O'Connor/ Justice Terrence O'Donnell/ Justice Judith Ann Lanzinger/ Justice Robert R. Cupp
Supreme Court of Ohio
65 South Front Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215-3431

I cannot over-emphasize this point : BE CONCISE and DO NOT tell your life story or ramble about details of your case. I know it's difficult to be unemotional about your own situation, but try to make each of your points in just one sentence each. Think like a lawyer. The Court will not consider your individual case, but needs to know how these extended registration laws are affecting those who must register for longer periods. If we do this properly, our letters may have a profound effect on the Court's decisions in these cases- and could result in a ruling which forces repeal of these laws.


SAMPLE LETTER - use this as a guide, but use your OWN words.