Monday, November 30, 2009

Residents Want Sex Offenders Banned from Town (NY) : Residents Want Sex Offenders Banned from Town.

Lake Luzerne - Residents Thomas Condon, Joseph Catoggio and Clinton Freeman on Davern Drive want sex offenders out of their neighborhood and away from the town.

Town Supervisor Eugene Merlino said he’s not sure the town can do that. "There’s not much the town can legally do," he said, adding that the district attorney’s office told him if sex offenders they have served their time, they can live anywhere.

But Catoggio told the board that Colonie had recently adopted a new law that requires businesses to get a license from the town before they can house sex offenders. That way, they are regulating businesses rather than the offenders themselves. Catoggio asked the town’s attorney to look into a similar law for Lake Luzerne.

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