Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Radio Broadcast on Adam Walsh Act

TalkShoe Radio Broadcast from Americans Reality Check - Nov 11, 2009
Guest: Margie Slagle from Ohio Justice Policy Center (click here to listen to archived audio)
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Episode Notes: Staff Attorney Margie Slagle of Ohio Justice and Policy center discusses the Sex Offender Laws and the Current Ohio Supreme Court hearing on the AWA. We will be discussing the recent Supreme Court of Ohio's hearings on the Adam Walsh Act. Couple thoughts if you seen the footage of the Supreme Court: Did you feel that the Justices asked some very good questions so they can uphold the Ohio constitution? Was the Ast AG lost for words? or was he "punked"? Who do you think was the winning side with the most "factual information" during these hearings? Some of these questions and more will be raised during this episode. So please do join us on this night.