Sunday, November 15, 2009

NJ Supreme Court Ruling Changes Sex Offender Laws : NJ supreme court ruling forces upper twp., others, to change sex offender laws.

Upper Twp.- On Monday night the Township Committee voted unanimously to introduce an ordinance that would have the effect of invalidating an existing 2005 ordinance that regulates where convicted sex offenders can live. The 2005 ordinance that Upper Twp. enacted, restricted how close, a convicted sex offender, could live to schools, daycare centers, parks and playgrounds.

In May, the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that Megan's Law adequately protected children from sexual predators, and that local laws went too far, effectively restricting sex offenders right out of many towns and cities, "....the State Supreme Court has determined that the townships and municipalities are not authorized to adopt such ordinances," said Township Solicitor, Daniel Young.

With such local laws now 'invalidated' by the court ruling, most municipalities are striking them from their books to avoid possible future lawsuits.