Monday, November 2, 2009

Sex Offender Given Permission to Move : Sex offender given permission to move

Gee, isn't this so nice of them- to allow an American citizen to move ! And here I thought we, as citizens always had the right to relocate within the United States. These people need to be stopped !

Richard Horn had asked the Fresno Superior Court for permission to move some time ago.
Horn, a convicted violent sexual predator, is under the jurisdiction of the Fresno court. He had been placed in a residence in Dixieland, near Seeley. However, Horn says he and the landlord cannot get along. With funds from a previous court settlement, Horn bought a house on Weaver Road, near Brawley. The convicted sex offender had to petition the court in Fresno for permission to move. The original petition was turned down during the summer, after the court received several comments from Imperial County resident opposing the move. A petition to re-consider was heard this month. Thursday Judge Donald Black granted the petition to move, with conditions. The conditions are that Horn stay 100 yards away from a business near the Weaver address, as well as 100 yards from nearby homes and a bus stop on Austin Road. He cannot visit a nearby fishing hole frequented by children and he can enter his new home only from the Weaver Road entrance. The Judge determined all visitors must be approved by Liberty Healthcare and a curfew will be imposed. Liberty was appointed by the court to monitor Horn.