Monday, November 16, 2009

Sex Offenders Cluster In Urban Buildings (NH) : Sex Offenders Often Cluster In Urban Buildings.

There are about 2,400 registered sex offenders living in New Hampshire, and often, they end up living in the same building in the state's largest cities. Officials and sex offenders said it often isn't easy for them to find a place to live, and many eventually settle for the same rooming house or apartment building.

Offenders said reintegrating into a place they're not wanted isn't easy. "People don't want to give you jobs, give you a chance for anything," said an offender.

Hundreds of sex offenders live in New Hampshire neighborhoods. Many are clustered in apartment buildings or rooming houses because they are low-profile and cheap. "If they live in a city like Concord, there's only a few landlords that will rent to them," said Scott Dodge, a Concord parole officer.

But it raises the question of whether a cluster of known sex offenders is safe?

(This "clustering" dynamic is what Miami, FL learned when they banished offenders to live under the Tuttle Bridge)