Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sex Offender Banned from Attending College : Sex Offender Takes Concerns About New Law To Legislator.

Gastonia, N.C. - Kristy Hammonds is a sex offender who was told this week that she would be arrested if she returned to Wilkes Community College. A new addition to the Jessica Lunsford Act makes it illegal for sex offenders to go the college where high school students take some classes.

“If I were a murderer or rapist, I could go to college. But people like me can't go to college,” she said.

Three years ago, Hammonds pleaded no contest to misdemeanor sexual battery of 14-year-old. She then made headlines as one of the Conover Domino's workers who did strange thing with pizza dough and posted video of it online.

“My civil rights are broken so someone is going to have to pay for that,” she said. “I have to provide a future for a baby.” So Wednesday she grabbed her daughter and left her Taylorsville home to head to the Gastonia office of Senator David Hoyle, the sponsor of Jessica’s Law. When she got no answer at the office, she called his cell phone.

“Only thing I can tell you to do is get a lawyer,” Hoyle said. “He's telling me I should sue the school because of a law he made. I don't think that's right,” Hammonds responded. Eyewitness News also called Hoyle. He said the law wasn't intended to keep people like Hammonds out of school. (Unintended consequences, I suppose, eh?)

“Any law was pass, none of them are perfect,” he said. He said he is only responsible for passing the law, not enforcing it.

“If it's justifiable it needs to be changed, yes sir we'll change it,” Hoyle said. The General Assembly won't meet until May, however.

We encourage all readers to contact this idiot, Senator David Hoyle in order to, as Kristy aptly stated, make him pay for her loss of civil liberties.
Office: 300-A Legislative Office Building, Phone: (919) 733-5734, Email: