Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mayor Calls Sex Offender Law 'Waste Of Time, Money'

wptz.com (Vermont) : Barre Mayor Calls Sex Offender Law 'Waste Of Time And Money'.

The mayor of the city of Barre is recommending that officials not fight for an ordinance that regulates where sex offenders can live, nearly two weeks after a judge struck it down. Mayor Thomas Lauzon is recommending the city drop an ordinance that regulates where convicted sex offenders can live.

This comes after a Superior Court judge upheld Barre resident Christopher Hagan's appeal of the city's " Child Safety Ordinance." Lauzon told The Rutland Herald the city should not pursue an appeal because it would be a "waste of time and money."

"Our likelihood of success in appealing the ruling to the state supreme court is extremely remote, Lauzon said. "We could place that item on the local ballot and seek a charter change from the Legislature, but my assessment -- given the current political climate -- would be that the effort would be turned into a political football. Again, our likelihood of success is diminished. I think our time is really best spent in working with the legislature to overhaul the sex offender registry, I think most agree that our registry is remedial at best."