Monday, September 28, 2009

Just the Facts...

No other group of citizens in our nation since the witch trials of Salem has faced such draconian punishment as do "sex offenders".

A small population of online basement-dwelling Internet posters spout out about hanging or castrating sex offenders when they do not really understand who is included in these categories. Any one of us could wake up tomorrow morning to learn that someone we love is now a sex offender. How would our views change once that happens?

The numbers are astounding: an estimated 660,000 sex offenders are registered nationally, and that number grows each and every day. And a large number of those labeled as "sex offenders" are juveniles, children themselves, and those who did something really stupid, rather than the rare "predator monsters" you hear about through the media. According to independent research, approximately 90% of sex offenses are committed by someone the victim knows. This percentage is higher as the age of the victim decreases. And while the media often espouses falsely high recidivism rates for sex offenders, the actual official US Department of Justice statistics for recidivism is 5.3%.

Those who believe sex offenders are not treated harshly enough, or that they deserve such punishments after they have served their time in prison or probation, should study the facts. All our statistics are linked to their official sources at

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