Monday, September 21, 2009

How To File Court of Appeals Brief

This is a follow-up to our earlier post and applies specifically to Ohio cases but may be revised to apply to other states as well. We post here a sample brief for anyone who has appealed their County complaints to the District Appeals Court.

From what we have learned, the Courts are refusing to permit affidavits for indigency (appointment of public legal counsel) to those who are contesting Adam Walsh Act/SORNA /Senate Bill 10 in Ohio. Therefore, you must file your own brief to the Court of Appeals. But you can do it, so do not allow the system to intimidate you. Just file it "pro se".
We are providing a sample brief which you can submit to the Court of Appeals in your case, in order to further contest your case where the County Courts are refusing to recognize the constitutional violations of these laws.

Download PDF file here.
Download DOC file here.

Disclaimer : We are not legal professionals or attorneys and we cannot provide legal advice or assistance. We only offer this template for your use to revise as your situation requires.