Saturday, December 19, 2009

WI Sex Offender Residency Board Bans Man from City : Residency Board Rejects Sex Offender's Second Appeal.

A convicted sex offender continues to search for a place to live after the Green Bay Sex Offender Residency Board turned down his second attempt to move into the city. G.S 's appeal was denied Friday afternoon.

This was his second appeal to the city of Green Bay but the third address in to which G.S. , 50, tried to move.
Last month he had a lease for an apartment in De Pere, which the landlord revoked following a public outcry.
Schmidt was convicted in 1986 (23 years ago) of first-degree sexual assault of a child.
He's been living at the Brown County jail, searching for a place to live for about five months.

G.S.'s frustration was obvious following the board's vote. "How am I ever going to get out of jail then, if I can't live anywhere? How am I going to get into life if I can't get out of jail? This is what my problem is," he said. Schmidt will remain living in the Brown County jail for now. He can appeal to live in the city of Green Bay as many times as he wishes.

Here is the result of the social branding and residency restriction laws which have grown like weeds over the past couple years.