Saturday, December 19, 2009

Fla. Installs Signs in Sex Offenders' Front Yards (Baker County, Fla.) :Sex Offender Removes Signs From Yard.

We cannot believe the county is constitutionally permitted to post these signs!
Watch video here.

Baker County Deputies said they've put up a sign 10 times to warn neighbors about Torres, and all 10 times the sign was taken down.
The last two signs were put in his yard near the road in concrete. Deputies said the final straw was when they saw Torres in action removing the sign.

"He thinks he can circumvent the law and he can be the only one," Sheriff Joey Dobson said. "We have five predators in Baker County. All of them have signs in front of their houses, and he is no different. He is going to have a sign in front of his house."

Dobson said people will know. He said another sign will go up next week, and it will also be placed in concrete.
"We have made the decision that the signs are the best way to notify the community," Dobson said. "We've done that for years and it's worked properly."

Readers can contact this idiot sheriff here :
Tel: 904-259-2231 , Fax: 904-259-4254