Tuesday, December 1, 2009

ABC 20/20 John Stossel Reports on Sex Offenders

ABCs's 20/20 "Age of Consent" with John Stossel:
An Internet vigilante invites people to become soldiers in her "war on child abuse".
She thinks it is rare for juveniles to be placed sex offender registries and if a few get caught up in the sex offender nightmare, it is a "necessary evil". She believes the sex offenders whom she harasses online deserve to be harassed, and has published the home address of sex offenders online. She says that sex offenders have no right to say that these laws destroy their lives.

ABCs's 20/20 "Age of Consent" Report with John Stossel - Sex Offender Laws :
Demonstrates the hypocrisy of legislators and politicians who are passionate about punishing others for doing what they did ,or may have done (Former NY Governor Spitzer, Idaho Senator Larry Craig, Florida Congressman Mark Foley (who cites false recidivism statistics before Congress)

Many children are prosecuted for sex. Arizona House Speaker Jim Weiers cannot answer how imprisoning juvenile sex offenders protects the public. Story of a false accusation of a 14 yr old boy by his 9yr old adopted sister, who long ago recanted her accusations for 7 yrs now. Seven years later, he is a registered sex offender. Weiers admits that by legal definition of childhood "petting", about half the teenagers would be guilty of sex crimes; "well, if you're not over-reaching, you'll be accused of under-reaching...there is not one piece of legislation that is perfect, period"