Monday, December 1, 2008

Poll Question: Will You Help Us Fight ? is the Official State Affiliate of the RSOL
(Reform Sex Offender Laws Now! ) Organization.

As such, we are occasionally asked to undertake efforts and research
for the parent organization. The objective of this work is to further
the efforts and fights against unconstitutional sex offender laws
throughout the nation and within Ohio. Letter writing, compiling
information about state sex offender laws and statistics, posting or
distributing fliers, etc. are amongst these efforts.

Therefore, we need to establish a means to build a list of Ohio
members who would be willing to provide research and writing efforts
on behalf of the Ohio Affiliate, and for the national organization.
This list would be separate from this member list here on Yahoo
Groups, as members of this Group may or may not be interested in
working to help defeat these laws.

The primary consideration in establishing such a list would be that of
member PRIVACY! Names of members will never be posted, released or
distributed by or with the knowledge of ConstitutionalFights.

If you have a suggestion for building such a member list, please post
or contact us here, at our Yahoo Group, or at

Are you willing to help fight these laws?

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