Friday, December 19, 2008

Law Prohibits Sex Offenders From Attending Church (North Carolina) : New Law Means Sex Offenders Can't Attend Some Churches
Gastonia, N.C., 12.19.2008

A new state law will keep registered sex offenders from attending some churches. The law prohibits sex offenders from being within 300 feet of a child care center, and that apparently includes nurseries that are operated during church services.

Rev. Ben Robertson of All Saints Episcopal Church in Gastonia told the Gaston Gazette that the church should be open to everyone, even sex offenders. But Gaston County deputy sheriff Shane Farmer says the law is clear. If a convicted sex offender "is within 300 feet of that nursery, then he or she is in violation."

While the state law does not specifically mention churches, Farmer says the law doesn't exempt churches. He told the Gaston Gazette that the law "definitely puts limitations" on church attendance for registered sex offenders.

Is there really ANYONE out there who still believes that these laws are not unconstitutional??