Tuesday, December 30, 2008

GA: Sex Offenders Must Hand Over Online Passwords

GeorgiaNews- gpbnews.blogspot.com: GA: Sex Offenders Must Hand Over Online Passwords.

A law is set to take effect in Georgia Thursday that requires sex offenders to hand over Internet passwords, screen names and e-mail addresses.

Georgia joins a small band of states complying with guidelines in a 2006 federal law requiring authorities to track Internet addresses of sex offenders. But the state is among the first to take the extra step of forcing its 16,000 offenders to turn in their passwords as well.

A federal judge ruled in September that a similar law in Utah violated the privacy rights of an offender who challenged it. That ruling applied to only one offender who had a military conviction
on sex offenses but was never in Utah's court or prison system.

No one in Georgia has challenged the law yet. But critics say it threatens the privacy of sex offenders and places an additional burden on law enforcement officials.

Read this bill here (as passed version): http://www.legis.state.ga.us/legis/2007_08/sum/sb474.htm

This means, of course, that the state can now read the private emails of citizens who are supposed to be living legally in freedom after they serve their punishment for a previous crime. It also means that the state can access all of these citizens' online financial and business activity! This is yet another inane and clearly unconstitutional law which must be defeated !