Monday, May 24, 2010

Sex Offenders Barred from Having Most Low Level Jobs Sex offenders could be barred from certain jobs under bill approved by Senate panel.

Baton Rouge, LA -- Legislation that would prohibit sex offenders from working as drivers of cabs, limos or buses won speedy approval today from a Senate committee.

The Judiciary C Committee gave unanimous support to Senate Bill 780 by Sen. Sherri Cheek, R-Shreveport, moving to along to the Senate floor for debate.

Besides the driving jobs, the bill also would prohibit sex offenders from being employed as a "service worker who goes into residence" to provide a service -- like a janitor, handyman or maid. It also would prohibit those convicted of sex offenses involving minors from operating amusement park or carnival rides.

If convicted of working in a job that is off-limits for sex offenders, the violator would be fined not more than $10,000 jailed for a minimum of five years and maximum of 10 years. At least three must be served, according to the bill.

Cheek said if the bill passes, it would go into effect when Gov. Bobby Jindal signs it, but would only apply to sexual offenses occurring after Aug. 15.

State law already bars sex offenders from working in jobs that puts them in contact with children, and prohibits them from living within specific distances of facilities that cater to them, like day-care centers, schools and arcades. Cheek said she is also looking at ways to expand the list of prohibited jobs.

Jobs "which put them in contact with children" could be defined as most any lower level job. Think about it: fast food, any customer service jobs, retail jobs, service workers, drivers.... all such jobs would be illegal for any registered sex offender to hold, which puts an incredible burden on those who are just trying to make a living and oftentimes, support a family. What type of job would you allow them to have, Sen. Cheek ? Contact your legislators !