Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Canada to Ban Pardons for Sex Offenders

nationalpost.com : Canada to Ban Pardons for Sex Offenders.

A bill, introduced Tuesday in the House of Commons,seeks to exclude from the system sex offenders who harmed children.

"The current system of pardons implies that what the person did is somehow OK, or is forgiven, or that the harm done has somehow disappeared," Mr. Toews told a news conference. "That is not for the state to do; that is something that is done between individuals as opposed to the state."

If pardons say "what the person did was OK", then how do you justify pardons for murderers, and not sex offenders? Perhaps those who committed a sex offense against a minor should murder the victim, so they can be forgiven? The blood of these victims will be on the hands of these kinds of lawmakers who craft laws which classify murder as a lesser offense than sex crimes.