Tuesday, May 18, 2010

IL to Add Tens of Thousands of Names to Sex Offender List

cbs2chicago.com: Under Measure, No One Convicted Before Registry Took Effect Would Be Able To Skirt Requirement.

Springfield, Ill. (CBS) ―The names of tens of thousands of sex offenders may soon be added to the state registry. These are offenders who have come off the list or were never put on it because they committed their crimes prior to 1999.

State Sen. Iris Martinez (D-Chicago.) created the bill. Martinez doesn't think there should be any grandfather clause when it comes to sex offenders.

The legislation would require all adult sex offenders to be registered no later than five days after the bill goes into law. The bill -- which was also sponsored by State Rep. Deb Mell -- is now headed to the governor's office.