Friday, May 21, 2010

OH: City Tells Sex Offenders to Move Out, Offenders Will Fight Back Pataskala Tells Sex Offenders To Move Out.

Pataskala, Ohio — By law, convicted sex offenders cannot live near schools, playgrounds and daycare and, on Friday, Pataskala city officials were making sure they got the message.

The city's law director knocked on the doors of sex offenders living within 1,000 feet of restricted places, telling them that they must move or face charges, 10TV's Kevin Landers reported.

The law went into effect four years ago and some of the city's sex offenders have been in violation for years.
The notices did not go out until a resident did some digging, Landers reported.

The wife of Ira Hinkle said the city is making a mistake in forcing them to move. Hinkle, 50, was convicted of sexual battery and gross sexual imposition. "I don't think it's fair he's done his time," she said.

The wife of Stephen Boyd called the requirement is "stupid." Boyd, 43, is listed a Tier II sex offender, convicted of gross sexual imposition, Landers reported.

Many who received the notices said they have no plans to move, and said the city will have to fight them in court to enforce the move out order, Landers reported.

A plan to reclassify some sex offenders and make them register their addresses even though their original sentence did not require it, has prompted a challenge to the Ohio Supreme Court.

Great for them! We support anyone who actively fights these abhorrent and draconian laws. They should fight this all the way to the Supreme Court ! We encourage all those affected by these laws across the nation to stop being victimized by them and begin fighting back !