Friday, May 7, 2010

Adam Walsh Update : May 2010

The Briefcase: Adam Walsh Update.

Adam Walsh Update. I’ve mentioned that there are still some major cases in the US Supreme Court that haven’t been ruled upon, but there are a few pending in the Ohio Supreme Court, too, probably the most significant of which is the constitutionality of the Adam Walsh Act. The case was argued last November (discussion here), but I don’t see a ruling anytime soon. The decision was likely to be 4-3, with Tom Moyer being the swing vote, and his death removes that possibility. New Chief Justice Eric Brown could call for re-argument of the case, and probably will, but he’s in no hurry to do so. If you’re wondering why, take a look at the calendar, especially November 2, 2010. That’s election day, when Brown and present Justice Maureen O’Connor will face off for the Chief Justice spot. If you think the Supreme Court is going to make a ruling on something as controversial as sex offender registration before that, you’re a lot less cynical than I am.