Monday, May 4, 2009

Sex Offender Wanted to Serve on Task Force : Sex offender wanted! .... to serve on Broward task force.

Broward County is looking for folks to serve on a task force about sex offender residency rules -- including a sex offender. Sex offenders, and other community members, can send a resume to or fax to 954-357-6573 for consideration for membership by May 1. So will sex offenders need to create resumes that will include their crimes?

The task force will also include representatives from law enforcement, a homeowner's group and a mental health professional, among others. The task force's mission will be to make recommendations to county commissioners about residency restrictions for sex offenders. The rules are so restrictive in Miami-Dade that many are living under a bridge and in Broward they are concentrated in specific neighborhoods.

We urge sex offenders in Broward County to offer to join this task force, and to make a difference, and join in the battle against these laws.