Thursday, May 28, 2009

Broadening Sex Offender Labels : Neb. lawmakers approve new rules for sex offenders.

Lincoln, Neb. (AP) - Nebraska lawmakers have approved a number of changes that are designed to make it easier for the public to track sex offenders.

Under the measure (LB285) lawmakers passed on Thursday, crimes including incest, sexually assaulting an inmate and sexual enticement using computers would land offenders on the state's sex-offender registry.

The law would be retroactive for people convicted of those offenses since 1997.

The proposal follows the 2006 passage of a federal law meant to create a national system for registering sex offenders.

"Under LB 285, the list of registry offenses would be expanded to include: incest, unlawful intrusion, sexually related child abuse offenses, sexual assault of an inmate or protected adult and sexually motivated offenses. The new registry and notification requirements would apply retroactively to all sex offense convictions entered on or after January 1, 1997"

Final Reading Copy of Bill

Constitutionalfights has been warning of this. Once one group of citizens is permitted to be publicly shamed and persecuted (even retro-actively) in the way that these online registries do, it will soon be extended to other groups of citizens. Already there are bills in some states to add drug, animal cruelty and drunk driving offenses to online registries.