Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ohio House Bills - Sex Offender Restrictions

HB 11 SEX OFFENDER REGISTRATION -- Making it illegal for a citizen in a specific group to live in a house within large swaths of city and suburban areas (UNConstitutional!)

To provide that any person required to register under Ohio's Sex Offender Registration and Notification Law who establishes or occupies residential premises within one thousand feet of any school premises, recreation center, playground, or other place where it is reasonable to expect children to frequent or linger is guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree and to require a court to order a violator to vacate the premises as part of any injunctive relief granted for the violation.
Read Legislation here:

HB 13 SEX OFFENDERS -- Making it illegal for a citizen in a specific group to be on school, daycare, playground, or some recreation center property. (UNConstitutional!)

To prohibit Tier III sex offender/child victim offenders who have committed specified offenses against a victim under 16 years of age from knowingly being present on school premises or preschool or child day-care center premises.
Read Legislation here :

We urge all Ohio citizens to contact their Ohio Representatives and direct them to vote "no" on these two bills and to urge them to stop piling on more sex offender legislation while the courts across the state are congested with litigation against Adam Walsh Act lawsuits.