Wednesday, February 18, 2009

AL Bans Sex Offenders from College Campuses : Campus sex offender ban passes House.

MONTGOMERY — The Alabama House of Representatives on Tuesday overwhelmingly approved
a ban on sex offenders living or loitering near college campuses.

The bill, sponsored by Rep. Jamie Ison, now goes to the Senate, where that measure and many others approved by the House last year failed. Ison's bill would
prohibit convicted sex offenders from living in college dorms or within 2,000 feet of a campus. Sex offenders would be allowed to take classes at colleges and universities, but they could only be on campus if they had a "legitimate purpose," the bill prescribes.

Sex offenders in Alabama are already prohibited from living near day care facilities, as well as elementary, middle and high schools. Though Jackson ultimately voted for the bill, he told Ison that barring sex offenders from various locations will not solve the problem.

This is about the most stupid legislation we have had to report at ConstitutionalFights. Not only is this patently unconstitutional, but college students are adults, not darling little vulnerable children !