Friday, June 4, 2010

UPDATES, Friday June 4 : Ohio E-sorn Public Registry Attorney

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UPDATE, Friday June 4, (10:00 am): called the Ohio Attorney General's office and waited on hold for over 15 minutes. After asking to speak to the person in charge of the updating of the registry database, we were eventually forwarded to an ATTORNEY, Justin Hykes ! This is humorous, as they must know they are on legal thin ice here. I asked when we can expect the database to be corrected. He said "we have no idea when it will get done". I pressed him on this at least three times and he refused to give any estimate of a time table for when we can expect these people's names and photos to be removed from their public registry. He said that they are "working on it", but we all know updating a computer database is a simple job and does not take long to edit. I then asked if they are concerned about lawsuits if they fail to remove these people from the registry promptly now that these listings are in violation of the law. His response was "no, we are not concerned and we have an immunity disclaimer built into the esorn website" When you call, perhaps you can ask for Justin Hykes and not have to wait so long on hold.

Any readers who are legal professional are asked to stand by on this. We may need to pursue this legally if they are negligent in removing these people from the Ohio Public Sex Offender Registry. Please forward any legal advice on this matter to

UPDATE , Friday June 4, (5:00pm) : received a return call from Steve Brown with the Ohio Attorney General's office. While he again said that the AG office can give no estimate of when these invalidated registrants will be removed from the State Sex Offender Registry, he did suggest we call our local county sheriff offices. He said they are responsible for updating registry entries and therefore may be able to remove the invalidated registrants from the list sooner than the Ohio AG offices can do so.

So we did call the Montgomery County Sheriff Department office. Detective Julie Stephens , in responding to our informing her of this information from Steve Brown, said "Oh, then we will start working on that on Monday ( June 7)". We informed her that we would be checking back in on this matter as next week comes.

Ohio Attorney General Office:
Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray, 30 E. Broad St., 17th Floor, Columbus, OH 43215
(800) 282-0515
Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 7 p.m.
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Click here to contact your local Ohio County Sheriff Department

Late this afternoon, we received the following email from Ohio AG Office:

"While I can't yet provide a timetable - I can confirm that staff members, including IT specialists and attorneys, are working diligently to make the necessary changes to eSORN in order to comply with the court's ruling."

Ted Hart

Deputy Director of Media Relations
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