Monday, June 7, 2010

Action Item: We Need Watchdogs in Ohio (and from outside Ohio)

We have seen absolutely no action on the part of the Ohio Attorney General or Ohio County Sheriff Departments in complying with the Ohio Supreme Court ruling last week, which invalidated the reclassification of Senate Bill 10 (Ohio's sex offender law /Adam Walsh Act law). Each day which passes, allows the illegal enforcement of a law which has been invalidated and ruled unconstitutional by the Ohio Supreme Court. Make no mistake: the state's failure, or refusal, to comply with this ruling is indeed, an illegal act.

Months ago, we saw the Kentucky Attorney General refuse to comply by the Kentucky Supreme Court ruling which struck down the retroactive residency restrictions in that state. He dragged his feet as long as possible before being denied by the U.S. Supreme Court.

For this reason, we need all readers to be WatchDogs. Wherever you reside, if you are concerned about unconstitutional sex offender laws in this country we need you to call and write the following agencies daily until they agree to abide by the law. We have been doing this but they are showing anger against us now. So we need everyone's help.

Ohio Attorney General Office:
Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray, 30 E. Broad St., 17th Floor, Columbus, OH 43215
(800) 282-0515
Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Email Ohio ESORN at

Justin Hykes, Assistant Attorney General of Ohio
FAX 614-466-5087

OHLEG Support
1-866-40-OHLEG (1-866-406-4534)

Media Contacts:

Kim Kowalski: (614) 728-9692, cell: (614) 893-6018

Ted Hart: Deputy Director of Media Relations
Office of the Ohio Attorney General
PHONE 614-728-4127, cell: (614) 743-2286
EMAIL (614) 728-4127

Contact list for Ohio County Sheriff Departments (Ask to speak with the SORN or Sex Offender Office):

Sheriff name Phone number Web site eSORN Site County
Kermit Howard(937) 544-2314viewviewAdams
Samuel A. Crish(419) 993-1435viewviewAllen
Estel Risner(419) 289-3911viewviewAshland
William Johnson(440) 576-3540viewviewAshtabula
Patrick Kelly(740) 593-6633viewviewAthens
Allen F. Solomon(419) 739-6565viewviewAuglaize
Fred Thompson(740) 695-7933viewviewBelmont
Dwayne Wenninger(937) 378-4435viewviewBrown
Richard K. Jones(513) 785-1246viewviewButler
Dale R. Williams(330) 627-2141viewviewCarroll
Brent A. Emmons(937) 652-1311viewviewChampaign
Gene Kelly(937) 328-2537viewviewClark
A.J. Tim Rodenberg(513) 732-7500viewviewClermont
Ralph D. Fizer Jr.(937) 382-1611viewviewClinton
Raymond L. Stone(330) 424-4065viewviewColumbiana
Timothy Rogers(740) 622-2411viewviewCoshocton
Ronny J. Shawber(419) 562-7906viewviewCrawford
Gerald T. McFaul(216) 443-5567viewviewCuyahoga
Toby L. Spencer(937) 547-7337viewviewDarke
David J. Westrick(419) 784-1155viewviewDefiance
Walter L. Davis III(740) 833-2845viewviewDelaware
Terry M. Lyons(419) 625-7951viewviewErie
David Phalen(740) 681-7239viewviewFairfield
Vernon Stanforth(740) 333-3504viewviewFayette
James Karnes(614) 462-3351viewviewFranklin
Darell Merillat(419) 335-4010viewviewFulton
Joseph R Browning(740) 446-4614viewviewGallia
Daniel C McClelland(440) 279-2009viewviewGeauga
Gene Fischer(937) 562-4820viewviewGreene
Michael R. McCauley(740) 439-4455viewviewGuernsey
Simon L. Leis, Jr.(513) 946-6230viewviewHamilton
Michael E. Heldman(419) 424-7235viewviewHancock
Keith Everhart(419) 673-1268viewviewHardin
Mark Miller(740) 942-2197viewviewHarrison
John J. Nye(419) 592-8010viewviewHenry
Ronald D Ward(937) 840-6240viewviewHighland
Lanny E. North(740) 385-2131viewviewHocking
Timothy W. Zimmerly(330) 674-1936viewviewHolmes
Dane Howard(419) 668-1996
John Shasteen(740) 286-6464viewviewJackson
Fred J. Abdalla(740) 283-8600viewviewJefferson
David Barber(740) 393-6800viewviewKnox
Daniel A. Dunlap(440) 350-5676viewviewLake
Timothy Sexton(740) 532-3525viewviewLawrence
Randy Thorp(740) 670-5525viewviewLicking
Andrew J Smith(937) 599-3247viewviewLogan
Phil Stammitti(440) 329-3709viewviewLorain
James A Telb(419) 213-4269viewviewLucas
James P. Sabin(740) 852-1332viewviewMadison
Randall Wellington(330) 480-5055viewviewMahoning
Tim Bailey(740) 382-8244viewviewMarion
Neil Hassinger(330) 725-9116viewviewMedina
Robert E. Beegle(740) 992-3371
Jeff Grey(419) 586-5770viewviewMercer
Charles Cox(937) 440-6085viewviewMiami
Charles R. Black(740) 472-1612viewviewMonroe
Phil Plummer(937) 224-3995viewviewMontgomery
Thomas Jenkins Sr.(740) 962-4044
Steven Brenneman(419) 947-1151viewviewMorrow
Matthew J Lutz(740) 452-3637viewviewMuskingum
Stephen S Hannum(740) 732-5631viewviewNoble
Robert L. Bratton(419) 734-6826viewviewOttawa
David Harrow(419) 399-3791viewviewPaulding
William Randall Barker(740) 342-4123viewviewPerry
Dwight E. Radcliff(800) 472-5245viewviewPickaway
RICHARD N HENDERSON(740) 947-2111viewviewPike
David W. Doak(330) 297-3890viewviewPortage
Michael Simpson(937) 456-6314viewviewPreble
James Beutler(419) 523-3208viewviewPutnam
J. Steve Sheldon(419) 774-3550viewviewRichland
George W. Lavender(740) 773-1186viewviewRoss
David Gangwer(419) 332-2613viewviewSandusky
Marty V. Donini(740) 355-8261viewviewScioto
Thomas Steyer(419) 447-3456viewviewSeneca
Doug Schlagetter(937) 494-2119viewviewShelby
Timothy Swanson(330) 430-3800viewviewStark
Drew Alexander(330) 643-2164viewviewSummit
Thomas L. Altiere(330) 675-2440viewviewTrumbull
Walter R. Wilson(330) 308-6637viewviewTuscarawas
Rocky Nelson(937) 645-4131viewviewUnion
Stan D. Owens(419) 238-3866viewviewVan Wert
David N. Hickey(740) 596-5242
Larry Sims(513) 695-1522viewviewWarren
Larry R. Mincks SR.(740) 376-7070viewviewWashington
Thomas G. Maurer(330) 287-5749viewviewWayne
Kevin A. Beck(419) 636-3151viewviewWilliams
Mark Wasylyshyn(419) 354-1412viewviewWood
Michael R. Hetzel(419) 294-2362