Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ohio: Next Step - What We Must Do

Today the Ohio Supreme Court invalidated the Ohio Senate Bill 10 (Adam Walsh Act) reclassification of sex offenders for those who pre-dated the 2008 law.

What's next for you if you are affected by this ruling?

Well... as of now, has confirmed that some of those who are to be removed from the Ohio Sex Offender Registry are still posted online. So anyone who falls into the category of those who shall now be removed from the Ohio Sex Offender Registry must call or contact the Ohio Attorney General to insist that they abide by the Ohio Supreme Court's ruling. Today's ruling now makes these registry postings an illegal act by the State of Ohio. If they refuse to remove these people from the registry immediately, lawsuits will follow.

Contact the Ohio Attorney General Office at:
Help Center
(800) 282-0515
Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray
30 E. Broad St., 17th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215

OHLEG Support
1-866-40-OHLEG (1-866-406-4534)

You can search to find if you are still improperly listed here. If you are listed improperly, also click the "Correction" button and insist that your listing be removed immediately. But we ask that you also call the offices as well. Look folks, the Ohio AG does not want to remove your name from this registry so we must keep the pressure on them to make sure they follow the law. The moment the Ohio Supreme Court released its decision today, it immediately made the continued listing of those affected into an illegal activity by the Ohio AG office. All those Ohio citizens who were positively affected by today's ruling must contact the Ohio AG Office on Friday June 4 !

UPDATE, Friday June 4: called the Ohio Attorney General's office and waited on hold for over 15 minutes. After asking to speak to the person in charge of the updating of the registry database, we were eventually forwarded to an ATTORNEY, Justin Hykes ! This is humorous, as they must know they are on legal thin ice here. I asked when we can expect the database to be corrected. He said "we have no idea when it will get done". I pressed him on this at least three times and he refused to give any estimate of a time table for when we can expect these people's names and photos to be removed from their public registry. He said that they are "working on it", but we all know updating a computer database is a simple job and does not take long to edit. I then asked if they are concerned about lawsuits if they fail to remove these people from the registry promptly now that these listings are in violation of the law. His response was "no, we are not concerned and we have an immunity disclaimer built into the esorn website" If you call, perhaps you can ask for Justin Hykes and not have to wait so long on hold.