Sunday, April 11, 2010

MD: Scarlet Letter Drivers License Law for Sex Offenders Senate backs marking sex offenders' drivers licenses.

Maryland senators have passed legislation that would add special coding to sex offenders' driver's licenses, something lawmakers say will help officials keep tabs on them.

Senators passed legislation with the provision on Saturday. Sen. Richard Colburn, R-Dorchester, sponsored the amendment, which requires the marking to be done in a way that only law enforcement can understand. He says it would alert police to ask more questions if they stop a registered sex offender with a child.

(An enormous number of registered sex offenders who committed a crime decades ago are now fathers, you idiots)

Opponents say adding the markings is akin to a "scarlet letter" and will make it tougher for those on parole to rejoin society. They add it could drive more sex offenders underground as they try to avoid registration requirements.

The bill now goes to a House panel for approval.
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