Monday, March 29, 2010

TN: Ban Sex Offender Parents From Afterschool Sports Bill bans registered sex offenders from after-school events.

Registered sex offenders who are parents or legal guardians of school children will be barred from school events like ballgames and will be required to receive written permission before entering school grounds, under a bill sponsored by Sen. Tim Barnes of Adams and Rep. Phillip Johnson of Pegram.

“Registered sex offenders have no business going to after-school events, and they shouldn’t be anywhere near a school without a principal’s knowledge,” Barnes said. “Parents and teachers should know that their children are learning and playing in a safe environment.” The House and Senate are scheduled to vote on the bill Monday evening.

The bill (SB2988/HB3263) bans parents and legal guardians who are registered sexual offenders from their children’s school events like plays and ballgames. Those individuals will have to obtain written permission from a school principal or administrator before attending conferences, and provide written notice of their status upon their child’s enrollment in order to drop off or pick up their child. Current law allows such parents to do all of the above without written permission or notice. Violation of the proposed law would result in a fine. Monetary penalties for violations of current sex offender restrictions range from $350 to $1,100.

Parents in Tennessee should contact these two idiots to explain to them that parents on a sex offender registry are "parents" too - and are entitled to the same rights as any other parent to support and watch their children play and grow up ! Just because they may have made a horrible mistake, often decades ago, does not prevent them from being outstanding parents.