Monday, February 8, 2010

Man Under Fire For Housing Sex Offenders Man Under Fire For Housing Sex Offenders.

Oklahoma --A Lincoln County man is under fire for housing registered sex offenders near a camp where children stay.
However, Tom Wright told Eyewitness News 5 that he's doing the work of God by helping people nobody else would.

Wright provides work and room and board for seven sex offenders living on his property. He said it is a divine calling. But with a camp that children use just miles away, neighbors have called it careless. "One thing I was always wanting to do is I was wanting to help some people no one wanted to help," Wright said.

"Everybody's sinned and come short of the glory of God -- and thank God that we have a God that forgives," he said.

The controversy centers on the Greenfield Winery, which sites exactly one mile east of Wright's property. In the summertime, Girl Scouts use the winery as a campsite.

Wright is not breaking the law. Lincoln County commissioners have told him that he must provide counseling for the offenders to remain in legal compliance. Wright is also in the process of building small houses in on his property for the offenders to live. He said he would like to house 15 offenders.