Friday, August 14, 2009

VT Out-of-State Sex Offenders Stay Off Registry : Out-of-State Sex Offenders Stay Off Registry.

Two sex offenders were successful in their bid to keep their names off the internet version of the Vermont Sex Offender Registry. At least for now.

A judge ruled Wednesday, Aug 12, 2009, that the names of Vermont residents convicted of sexual offenses in other states cannot be posted on the state's expanded internet registry.

Two Caledonia County men who were convicted of sex crimes in other states in the 90s went to court arguing the public posting violates their offenders' rights. But the merits of their lawsuit were not heard because lawyers discovered an error in the way the new law was written.

So for now, no people with out of state offenses will be on the list. Lawmakers say they'll fix the problem in January.