Monday, January 12, 2009

2008 Constitutionalfights Stats was founded in January 2008. Since then, we have seen a tremendous growth in the viewership of this blog. Here are the traffic stats for our blogs.
With over 11,000 views, overall traffic tripled from June to November 2008, but predictably declined during the Christmas month of December.
Most of our visitors are from Ohio, as this blog focuses primarily on the Ohio Adam Walsh Act laws, but covers news and information about these laws nationally. Second place went to California with Texas, Illinois, New York Florida, Virginia and Maryland following in site hits.
Just slightly over half of our viewers are male at 51%.
68% of visitors are over age 35.
81% white, 9% black, which is not far from the national ethnic distribution.
71% have no children. We would very much like to see more parents made aware of this blog.
50% of visitors earn under $60K income, while 50% earn over $60K.
55% of viewers have a college degree or graduate school education.
Finally, 80% view this blog at home, versus 20% at a workplace.
15% of visits are from hardcore addicts of our blog.
51% of visits are by regular viewers.
34% of visits are from passers-by.