Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Sex Offender is SOMEONE'S Child!

cleanuptheregistryohio.blogspot.com : A Sex Offender is SOMEONE'S Child!

You will not find photos like these on any Sex Offender registry!
Do you have similar photos like these? Family photos; everyone has them! As parents we are so proud of our children and always showing them off at any given opportunity.

Do you see a 'sex offender' emerging out of any of these pictures? Is he scarey to you? Someone you think you should protect your child from? How about the imfamous word 'perv'?! How about 'PRED-A-TOR', because he's on the registry?!

If this was YOUR child's photos and he were convicted as a sex offender and placed on a registry for a consensual sex act with his girlfriend, how would YOU feel?

Aren't you just a tiny bit, just a wee-bit 'peeved' that you are being deceived to believe that an individual like my son is suppose to be a threat to your child?
Don't you feel a bit taken advantaged of by your politicians that you vote for, keeping your family 'safe' from 'predators', when they include individuals like my son?
I'm not saying the sex offender registry is not a good tool, well, it use to be a good tool~ because now, you have individuals like my son in the same category of those that ARE a danger to your child~and now, well, you don't know who they are!! They are all the same....just listen to any politician advocating for 'tougher' sex offender laws and restrictions.