Monday, May 5, 2008

Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann; Resign or Impeachment Many Democratic leaders in Ohio are calling for the Attorney General to resign. Ohio Governor Ted Strickland is leading the call for Marc Dann to leave his job, after being caught in a sex scandal. Dann has continued to insist he will stay on the job.
On Friday, Dann admitted to an extramarital affair with a subordinate after findings in an unrelated sexual harassment investigation threatened to reveal the relationship. Strickland, Sen. Sherrod Brown, other Democratic state officeholders and all Democratic state legislators sent Dann a letter Sunday saying his actions hurt his ability to do his job. Dann says in a written response that his office will continue to provide legal services and work with law enforcement partners.

See the full text of the letter to Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann, and view the names of everyone who signed it by clicking the link:

The letter also states that if Dann refuses to resign, legislation will be introduced to impeach him.

Marc Dann , who campaigned and fought for the illegal implementation of Senate Bill10 ( Adam Walsh Act law in Ohio) is also responsible for taking away legal Constitutional Rights of nearly 30,000 Ohio citizens. This law, which he proudly thumps his chest about, takes away due process rights (disallowing a court hearing to establish classification) , imposes double jeopardy punishments, and violates separation of powers provisions of the U.S. and Ohio Constitutions.

Marc Dann Must Resign..... or we, the people, will force him from office.