Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sex Offender Sues Every Sheriff, Prosecutor

WLKY.com: Sex Offender Files Suit Against Every Sheriff & Prosecutor In Indiana.

SCOTT COUNTY, Ind. -- A man filed a lawsuit against every sheriff and prosecutor in the state of Indiana. The law that goes into effect in July would allow law enforcement to search his computer at any time. Morris' attorney said it's a clear violation of the Fourth Amendment. ACLU attorney Ken Falk said the Supreme Court has expressly said that law enforcement cannot conduct a search without probable cause and a warrant, and that lawmakers completely ignored that.

WTHR.com: ACLU fights sex offender monitoring law ( April 14, 2008):
Indianapolis - A legal effort is underway to stop a law that allows police to monitor Internet use of sex offenders. According to the Indiana chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, the law tramples Fourth Amendment rights. "There has to be at least some reasonable suspicion to enter their homes and violate their Fourth Amendment," Falk said. "People who are no longer on probation or parole or any court supervision, who are free people, who have all the constitutional rights that all Americans have, one of those, of course, is your Fourth Amendment right.