Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Ohio Senate - video of voting on Senate Bill - May 16, 2007, beginning at time mark 19 min,50 sec):
Only a voice vote was taken (31-1) beginning at time mark 31 min,15 sec. Note that great emphasis in the presentation of this bill was placed on the federal funding advantage to the State. Senators Shirley Smith and Lance Mason, actually expressed opposition of the
retro-active aspect of this bill , yet both still voted to pass the bill. Final vote was taken at time mark 56 min, 40 sec. ( 32-0).

Ohio House of Representatives - video of voting on Senate Bill 10 - June 27, 2007, beginning at time mark : (
1 hr, 21 min, 40 sec):
Beginning at time mark 1 hr, 23 min, 20 sec. Again, great emphasis was placed on implementing this bill in time to receive federal funding. Representative Bill Seitz expressed opposition to retro-active implementation yet still voted to pass the bill. Voting began at time mark 1 hr, 34 min 06 sec. NO voice vote was even taken. Only electronic voting was taken (97-0).

January 29, 2008: Federal Court Judge Patricia Gaughan in Cleveland asked all 88 Ohio counties to hold off enforcing part of the new Adam Walsh sex offender law.

All 88 counties were sued Friday by the public defender for what they believe are unconstitutional practices in the implementation of the new law, according to the complaint.

February 2, 2008: WKRC TV Cincinnati:
High Cost of New Sex Offender Law

October 2007: Sex Offenders and their families gathered on the steps of the Ohio State House to educate the public about the Adam Walsh Act that was signed into law earlier in 2007