Monday, April 12, 2010

Illinois To Ban Sex Offenders From State Parks Proposed legislation would ban sex offenders from Illinois parks.

We previously reported on similar legislation in South Carolina.

In Illinois, child sex offenders are already prohibited from being within 500 feet of a public park when children are present.

State Sen. Kirk Dillard, R-Hinsdale, under the provisions of new legislation he proposing in the General Assembly, wants to ban all convicted sex criminals from stepping foot in any Illinois recreational area.

"Unfortunately, parks can be hard to patrol, making it hard to deter crime in these areas," Dillard said. "However, hopefully by prohibiting sexual offenders from hanging around public parks, we reduce the number of people who are loitering in a potentially secluded environment where law enforcement officials aren't likely to be." (Then how can these laws possibly be enforced?)

Under his Senate Bill 2824, sexual offenders would not be allowed within 500 feet of any public park in the state. The Senate recently unanimously approved the bill, which now moves to the House of Representatives for consideration.

Summary of SB 2824:
"Amends the Criminal Code of 1961. Provides that it is a Class 4 felony for any sex offender (rather than just a child sex offender) to knowingly be present in any public park building or on real property comprising any public park or to knowingly loiter on a public way within 500 feet of a public park building or real property comprising any public park."

Contact this idiot Senator here:
Springfield Office: Senator 24th District, 309C Capitol Building, Springfield, IL 62706
(217) 782-8148

District Office: One South Cass Avenue, Suite 201, Westmont, IL 60559
(630) 969-0990