Monday, February 15, 2010

VA Bill to Further Restrict Sex Offender Residency (VA) : New law would dictate where sex offenders could live.

Delegate Clifford "Clay" Athey (R-Front Royal), recently introduced a bill to the 2010 session of the Virginia General Assembly which would greatly restrict where child predators
(correction: sex offenders) could live. Athey says the measure is necessary “to protect the most vulnerable citizens.”

If approved, HB 1004 would ban those who are court-ordered to register as sex offenders for crimes against children from living within 500 feet of various places children are known to frequent.

Predators (correction: sex offenders) would not be allowed to live near, school bus stops, community parks, playgrounds, rec centers, day cares, public pools, and schools (both public and private).

Once again, this idiotic reporter does not know the difference between a "registered sex offender" and a "predator". Most people listed on sex offender registries are not "predators" by legal definition, but Dave Gibson of the Norfolk Crime Examiner did not bother to learn this before writing this report.

(Read next post below where a Virginia Senator falsely claims that his new bill will help offenders re-integrate into society. Maybe he should talk to Delgate Athey to figure out if Virginia is trying to make this more or less possible)