Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hide Your Children! "Sex Offender" Pete Townshend is Coming to Super Bowl Hide Your Children! "Sex Offender" and Sometimes Musician Pete Townshend is Coming for the Super Bowl.

This isn't sensationalist at all. No, the Brevard-based sexual predator watchdog group "Protect Our Children" is being entirely reasonable. If you disagree, you're most likely a pedophile -- or Roger Daltrey.

The Who's Pete Townshend is coming to South Florida to perform at the Super Bowl. In 2003, the guitarist was arrested in England and accused of searching for child sex photos. He claimed he was researching a book, and was never convicted, but his name was added to the country's sex offender registry. So "Protect Our Children" is sending out 1,500 of the above postcards to area residents warning them that "Townshend will be at large in Miami on February 7" -- because he may escape from the stadium to go trolling for your children in nearby parks.