Friday, August 14, 2009

Police : Tracking Sex Offenders is More Difficult : Police say tracking sex offenders difficult.

80% of Tulsa is off limits to sex offenders because they can not live near schools, parks, daycare centers or playgrounds. Officials say if sex offenders can't legally register their addresses, they won't register at all.

Sgt. John Adams oversees the Sex Offender Registry for the Tulsa Police Department. He told 2NEWS, "I want to know where they are at. I don't want them underground. And that is what is happening is they are going underground. So it has made our jobs a lot tougher."

Adams says since the tougher residency restrictions took effect in 2006, the number of offenders on the registry has fallen from 512 to 321. Adams doesn't believe they moved away, but instead are in violation.