Monday, July 20, 2009 : Florida businessman offers housing to sex offenders.

Randy Young calls himself ''a Robin Hood'' for Florida's sex offenders. Neighbors say he ruins communities.
For about three years, Young has been buying and renting houses, condos and trailers throughout the state and leasing them as ''habitats'' for registered sex offenders.

He targets properties, often in foreclosure, within the few remaining zones where convicted sex offenders can legally live in Florida.

''I am providing a service people need,'' said Young, 53, a registered sex offender himself. ``In the world of sex offenders, it's either a mattress inside a room with other offenders, or living under a bridge.''

For nearly three years, Habitat For Sex Offenders has been regarded as the leading provider of housing for registered sex offenders. They specialize in the placement of registered sex offenders and understand the need of today's registered sex offender tenants. They accept Designated "Predators" at some locations.
Call (407) 925-4471. They can find a home for a registered sex offender just about anywhere in Florida and are working on other states.

Habitat For Sex Offenders has placed many men, from under the bridges of Miami and the palm trees of fort Lauderdale, in safe homes!